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Divorce & Domestic Violence Assistance in San Francisco, California

The Law Offices of Joanne Schulman in San Francisco, California, offers the divorce and divorce assistance that you need during the painful process, specializing in domestic violence cases. Don't go through the painful process alone. Get the legal representation you need for your family law case.

Filing the Case
After retaining your experienced divorce attorney, Joanne walks you through the entire process, making it as simple and painless as possible. With 35 years of experience handling both simple division of residence cases and complicated child custody cases, she provides the divorce assistance you need. In addition, she also offers services for prenuptial agreements and lesbian and gay divorces.

Dividing Property
To divide the property quickly, Joanne requires full disclosure of all assets and debts from the other party. Once you provide that information, she attempts to settle division based on the actual figures and California law. Property division includes:

• Dividing Stocks
• Valuing & Dividing Family Residences
• Dividing Pension & Retirement Benefits
• Valuing & Dividing Professional Businesses


Mother Holding Child, Divorce Assistance & Domestic Violence in San Francisco, CA

Enforcing Court Orders
Divorces are hard on the parties, and even more so on children. Ensure that you and your child get the support you need with Joanne's divorce assistance. After obtaining temporary orders for child custody, and child and spousal support, she enforces the court orders and appears in court with you when necessary. Child custody support is also available for interstate and international custody cases.

Domestic Violence
Get the legal representation and divorce assistance you need for your domestic violence case. Whether you need help obtaining the proper documentation and evidence regarding domestic violence occurrences for a restraining order or need to be referred to the right support groups and therapists, Joanne is the support you need.

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